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The Guaranteed Gambian craft project promoted the livelihood development of artisans and craft producers in The Gambia by increasing their income through the sale of locally produced arts and crafts to both domestic and tourist markets.

camp africa

Camp Africa is an innovative project dedicated to fostering sustainable development and responsible tourism in The Gambia and beyond. Adama was the Gambia Programme Manager for the Travel Foundation for from 2004 until 2013.


The Institute of Travel & Tourism of the Gambia (ITTOG) was born from the need to provide the knowledge and skills to those looking to break into travel and tourism .

international centre for responsible tourism

The ICRT has a network of sister organisations around the world all committed to furthering the aspirations of the Cape Town Declaration.


Consultant and Educator
2004 Responsible Tourism award Winner

Mr Adama Bah is an associate member of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism. He holds MSc in Responsible Tourism Management. He has been associated with the International Centre for Responsible Tourism since it started, Adama also formed the International Centre for Responsible Tourism- West Africa (www.icrtwestafrica.org) which is part of the Institute of Travel and Tourism of The Gambia which he founded and is the Chairman of the board: www.ittogambia.org In 2004, Adama was the first person to win the award: The person who has contributed most significantly to responsible tourism (http://www.responsibletravel.com/awards/winners/2004.htm) in the prestigious World Responsible Tourism Award (http://www.responsibletravel.com/awards/).

  • pro poor tourism
  • capacity building
  • communal development
  • education


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Dr. Harold Goodwin

Prof. of Responsible Tourism
Dr Harold Goodwin has worked on 4 continents with local communities, their governments and the inbound and outbound tourism industry. Harold is Professor of Responsible Tourism in the Hollings Faculty at Manchester Metropolitan University where he teaches and researches.
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Kate Stefanko & Sallie Grayson

Directors – People & Places
Kate and Sallie have decades of experience in volunteering, travel and tourism, education and business between them. Kate is placement director, matching the skills and abilities of volunteers to project needs Sallie is a programme director. works on an ongoing basis with local people to build meaningful volunteer programmes.
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Lucy McCombes

Lecturer-Leeds Beckett Uni UK
Lucy is a tourism & community development professional with a background in Social Anthropology of Dev & Responsible Tourism Mgt. She worked for five years in urban regeneration in the UK, and for five years in community development in Mali, The Gambia, India and Jamaica.She currently teaches social impacts of tourism and managing host-guest interaction at Masters level at Leeds Beckett University UK.
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Sheikh Tejan Nyang

Head of School- ITTOG
Tejan ,founding member of The Institute of Travel and Tourism of The Gambia (ITTOG) .He received an ward for his contribution to tourism development in West Africa at AKWABA in Nigeria. He has experience in tourism & travel industry within the private and public sectors & has worked in the areas of travel, tourism operations & distribution, transport logistics & tourism policy dev & implementation.
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Daouda Nyang

Lecturer – Uni of The Gambia
Daouda is a lecturer & tourism consultant with a background in developing & managing destinations. He has experience in destination marketing and development & has always been in the fore front promoting The Gambia and has worked with numerous UK and international organisations.
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Fabrice Leclercq

Inclusive Tourism Expert
Fabrice is a renowned expert in the field of tourism, he has developed and implemented tourism projects and proposed innovative solutions for the strategic positioning of destinations while always respecting the three fundamental components of sustainable development.
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Frans de Man

Director- Retour Foundation
Sustainable Tourism has been his field of work from as early as 1984, when he was the first coordinator of the Dutch foundation Tourism & Third World which was one of the founding members of TEN (First European Network for sustainable tourism). From there he founded the Retour foundation (1986), and have been working for this foundation until now


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